Idylla™ Respiratory IFV-RSV Panel

Simple, rapid, highly sensitive diagnostics at hand

Idylla Respiratory Panel Shot

Respiratory tract infections (RTIs) cause thousands of deaths per year and have an enormous socioeconomic impact. Their cause is often unidentified, as different infections present with similar symptoms,1 and several viruses may be in circulation at any given time.2

Detecting influenza and RSV

The Idylla™ Respiratory IFV-RSV panel is a molecular assay that identifies viruses with high sensitivity in as quickly as 50 minutes, and requires less than one minute hands-on time.

The highly sensitive and highly specific Idylla™ Respiratory IFV-RSV panel identifies presence of influenza or RSV.

hand icon Less than 1 minute hands-on time
clock icon 50 minute turnaround time
sample icon Samples can be obtained directly from nasopharyngeal swab in viral transport media (VTM)
Each single-use cartridge can identify:
  • Influenza A or B
  • For influenza A, the panel can discriminate between H1, H3, 2009 H1, and H275Y oseltamivir resistance mutation
  • RSV (A&B)
Example: Idylla™ IFV-RSV results
Influenza A Detected
AH1 Not Detected
AH3 Detected
2009 H1 Not Detected
H275Y N/A
Influenza B Detected
Respiratory Syncytial Virus Not Detected

Benefits of rapid diagnosis

Timely detection of influenza and RSV infection can significantly decrease the use of antibiotics, prevent secondary spread of infection,2 cut additional laboratory testing and thereby save time and resources, and is associated with shorter hospitalization periods.3

Idylla™ Respiratory IFV-RSV Panel:

•  Idylla™ Safety Data Sheet (English)
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