Diagnose faster

High precision diagnostics for high precision medicine

Idylla™ enables precise, personalised medical care through simple, rapid, highly sensitive diagnostics1

It is a fully automated, real-time PCR-based molecular diagnostics system with multiplexing capability that can detect up to 30 molecular targets in one single test.

Idylla™ processes samples in just 35 to 150 minutes, depending on the assay used, enabling rapid and accurate diagnosis.

  • With its integrated design, Idylla™ is appropriate for virtually any setting, allowing even hospital wards and de-centralized laboratories to rapidly report results
  • Idylla™ utilizes single-use cartridges to enable on-demand sample processing, setting it apart from traditional molecular diagnostics, which are often performed in batches to optimize cost and processing times
  • No sample preparation is required when using Idylla™

In addition to its speed and multiplexing capabilities, Idylla™ offers outstanding ease of use and requires minimal hands-on time.