Collaborating to advance precision medicine...

Molecular diagnostics testing with Idylla™

Advances in science and technology hold the promise of precise, personalised medicine to help deliver the right medicine to the right patient.

As part of Janssen's commitment to precision medicine, our collaboration with Biocartis brings clinicians a simple and sophisticated molecular diagnostics solution to inform clinical decision making.

Biocartis collaboration and molecular diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics at the point-of-need can deliver fast results, helping clinicians to make more informed treatment decisions for their patients.

This enables:

  • Early diagnosis of disease
  • Selection of optimal therapies

Currently, multiplexed molecular diagnostics are done in centralized, highly complex laboratories. Test results are often reported hours or even days after a test has been requested. Therefore, on some occasions clinicians make decisions without laboratory results.

The Idylla™ system by Biocartis

Our collaboration with Biocartis delivers molecular diagnostics on the Idylla™ system, a highly sophisticated, yet easy-to-use system that offers the opportunity to make a highly complex lab process simple.